Addendum July 2013 Headlands Beach State Park


I thought we had done all our trippin’ in Ohio and then we went to Headlands!  And we saw a goddess!  We go here once in a while, and it really is a nice beach.  There is about a mile of natural sand along the lake with preserved sand dunes and driftwood and rocks by the water.  The day before we were there they had just had a festival and there was a beautiful, professionally done sand sculpture as we entered the beach.

IMG_0930 IMG_0928

Really is looking through the other side in L photo

It was incredibly windy and the kites were a huge success.  The kids did go swimming, but with the wind and lower temperatures it was too cold for me.  There were lifeguards and white-capped waves, not too many people swimming.IMG_0932


We have been here in winter, too, collecting stones and looking at driftwood.

IMG_0025 IMG_0032 IMG_0023

Headlands in January 2013. I make the kids go almost every time we are in Ohio to get them out of the house and to appreciate a unique natural place.

Here is a photo from April 2010.  There is a strip of melting ice and the kids were playing on it in their warm-weather clothes.

They also made sand-angels that time!

Awwww, Fiercely was only 10, Cleverly 7, and the twins 4!!  Thanks, Lake Erie and Headlands, we’ll be back.

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