Fantastic Around the World Sept 2015


Papa teaching Really and Truly to ski

We have been planning for years to take a round-the-world trip in 2015. It is something we have talked about for maybe 10 years but now we are in the final 2-year countdown to The Big Trip. Roughly speaking, we are planning to take off for 2 years starting in the Autumn since we live in an area with a university and we can rent out our house at that time. (We successfully rented our house out to live in the country from Aug. 2004-Aug. 2007 and it worked well. I’ll write about that experience sometime.)


Mama and Fiercely on river safari in Africa

During the 2-year trip, we plan to live in 6-8 places, renting out houses or apartments for a month or  months at a time and taking trips from the rental as a home base to save on room and board costs. We have been impressed and influenced by Soultravelers3, a family of 3 who have been doing long-term travel since 2006, edventure project, a family of 6 who has travelled on and off for several years including a year-long bike trip along the Europe/North Africa area, and various other families traveling for extended periods of time. Meanwhile, the kids are in training for flexibility, adventure and traveling light.


Cleverly with parrot in Honduras

We have our rough outline and also an early controversy – begin by boat to Europe or car to South America?- I need to write about that one.  For now let it be known that we plan Fantastic-style world domination, well, make that world exploration – in 2015!!!


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