Return to Lake George, end of Aug through Labor Day 2013

We couldn’t resist, we went back.  This time with an upgrade from the leaky borrowed rowboat!  Yes, we arrived in style in our recently-purchased, cooperatively-owned, 17′ 1974 Siren sailboat, dubbed the Dragonfly after much debate by the 9 kids involved.  Maybe the other boaters weren’t impressed as they zoomed by on their souped-up motorboats, but we just love the Dragonfly!  This little boat is about as long as our minivan and has a cabin, motor and 2 sails.  It weighs 750# so fits comfortably in the range of towing capacity of our car.  It came with a trailer, life vests, extra sails, a first aid kit even!  All hail Craigslist!  The Dragonfly was perfect for our dabble in the sailing world, and perfect for Lake George.  We loaded it up with people and gear and headed once again from Hulett’s Marina to Vicar’s Island.

2012-08-23 12.12.12

The Dragonfly loaded with our friends/co-owners of boat and pulling their kayak

Somehow Mr. – or should I say Captain- Fantastic knew what he was doing with the sails.  There were only two, but I had no idea how to use them.  Somehow, some way, Mr. Fantastic reached back to his limited, long-ago teenage experiences sailing and was suddenly using terms like “port” and “starboard” instead of “left” and “right”, and telling me the line was “fouled” when it was caught or tangled.  Who is this sailor guy?

2012-08-23 13.42.49

possibly fixing the fouled line on the port (?) side with both sails up

We swam in the wonderful clear water, launched ourselves off the rocks, and sailed around whenever there was wind.  The sailing was peaceful, except when it was terrifying in a strong wind!  Also, when there is no wind, you can’t sail of course.  It was nice to have the motor when we needed it, also we had oars and we could paddle if necessary.  There was even a 4th way to move the Dragonfly– it is so small and light, you could actually pull it from the dock or even push it while swimming behind if you had to.  What a sweet little boat.  I also loved the kayak; I had never used one before and aside from an unfortunate incident that led to my prescription sunglasses resting at the bottom of the 150′ depths of the lake, I enjoyed paddling around to nearby islands.  Fiercely also tried it and did well.

2012-08-23 13.25.452012-08-23 13.20.36

Fiercely jumping and me diving off the 15′ cliff!!   The kids kept yelling ‘YOLO!’ which amuses me when coming from the 12-and-under set – for the uninitiated, it stands for Yo Only Live Once.

2012-08-23 17.12.552012-08-23 13.03.52

Fiercely in the kayak. She paddled around the island solo! Twins + a friend snorkling and swimming in the clear clear water.

2012-08-23 09.58.362012-08-23 12.34.26

Our campsite and its associated fancy patriotic latrine!

Lake George the Lake vs. Lake George the Town

We spent a day at the town of Lake George.  What a contrast to our island campsite!  This is a kitschy tourist town that brings that 50’s – 70’s cheesy style back with pride.  I found this photo from the 70’s and I swear we saw some of those same signs last week!


Here are some sights we saw there in the town of Lake George.  It was full of multicultural tourists – I’m sure I heard Russian, German, Chinese, and some Indian languages as well as Midwest, New Yawk and inner-city American, and Canadian English.  Everyone loves kitsch, and the mountains and lake are right there too so there’s something for everyone.  Looking for a rustic island campground?  Or maybe you prefer arcade games and a gangnam style t-shirt?  You’re in the right place, or nearby at least.

2012-08-24 14.31.20

Giant bovine in a traffic jam, and apparently a rodeo on the way!

2012-08-24 14.32.27

Really took this of Cleverly and a carved wooden bear outside of an arcade

2012-08-24 14.42.232012-08-24 15.26.54

House of Frankenstein Wax Museum inside and out!

2012-08-24 16.11.182012-08-24 16.14.06

Nice garden at Shepard Park across for the wax museum, our kids + 2 friends ODing on candy at Shepard Park

2012-08-24 15.10.23

Parasailing and ferry boat rides seen from the park, like I said, something for everyone!

Beware the Lake George Burrito!

If you are looking for burritos, however, avoid this place like the plague.  We had the worst burritos of our lives at this place.  We have strong feelings about burritos, especially Mr. Fantastic who is almost religious about it.  $12 for lousy refried beans and rice in a cheap wrap is unconscionable in our book.  Burrito chains like Moe’s, Chipotle, heck even Taco Bell do better for about half the price.  No veggies even though we requested vegetarian but got no break on price from the pork/chicken/beef price.  No guac, no lettuce, no cheese even!  As we were leaving, the friendly cashier next store suggested we try another place next time, but then remembered its the same owners.  Say it isn’t so!  A black mark on the otherwise cheery tourist mecca in the lovely Adirondacks.  We went back to the campsite and made wonderful burritos with lots of veggies and homemade guacamole just to get the experience out of our minds and tastebuds.

2012-08-22 19.49.45

Really, Fiercely, and Papa Fantastic trying to recover from the epically bad Lake George Burritos

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