Getting the tree, December 2013

2012-12-01 14.29.11

We were having a pastoral tree cutting experience this year, dammit.  I was tired of going to the guy on the corner with missing teeth and a cash operation of questionable legitimacy.  We would enjoy the loaner saws, tractor ride, bonfire, and country scenery of the cut-your-own business at the agrotainment farm just 16.5 miles away.  And so we went.  It even snowed!!

We took the hay ride, found the tree, cut it down and enjoyed the bonfire.  The kids were cold but in good spirits.  The people around us, and there were many looking for traditional tree-cutting jolliness on that snowy Sunday, shivered and laughed and created family memories whether the surly teens liked it or not.  It continued to snow.

2012-12-01 14.52.102012-12-01 14.24.19

the gang at the bonfire and Fiercely, in beloved Robin Hood hat for the panto, moving the tree, above.  The kid in orange is a friend of Fiercely’s

Having spent many winters in Ohio, and relying on public transit for work, snow driving does not overly concern me as it does the typical denizen of the East Coast.  I was to feel otherwise during the return 16.5 miles.  Tree on car, we headed back home.  We got out of the farm parking lot and joined a long line of cars trying to get up a small hill.

2012-12-01 14.27.02

Where were the plows and the salt trucks?  Where were the good Ohioans with their kitty litter and shovels in the trunk of the rusted ‘beater’ car they use all winter?  Sadly, they were nowhere to be found and, shamefully, I myself had neglected the habit over the years.  It appeared no one knew the snow would be this bad.  Mr. Fantastic, living up to his name as always, got out and helped push cars.  A few other hardy souls did the same.  It took about an hour and we were at last able to scale the tiny summit.  We went a few miles and got stuck again at an intersection of a small town.  Again with the lack of preparedness, again with Mr Fantastic saving the day for stranded motorists.  After about 3 hours of this, we found our way to our neighborhood and ironically passed the tree guy on the corner.  His trees looked pretty good, but this year we cut our own!!!!



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