Chicago, May 2014, Part 2

Chicago day 2

Where did we wake up?  Wait… where did we sleep??  Oh, just the historic Ward Seyfarth House in Blue Island, about 15 miles south of the city.  Yes… unbelievable.  Our friends in Grand Rapids had a connection – Tina actually grew up in this house!  Her parents were out of town and agreed we could stay there, we got the address and a key, and BAM!  We found ourselves in the gracious entryway of Ward and Florence Seyfarth’s custom designed 1924 crib, one of the Chicago area’s 30 most beautiful homes per Chicago Magazine.  Sweet!

IMG_2420IMG_2404IMG_2405 IMG_2409IMG_2410 IMG_2415 IMG_2417

That’s me, top left, pleased to be next to that beautiful doorway.  If you look closer, you can see a pizza box at my feet because we forbade the kids to eat inside the house and they had to eat there on the stoop! My strategy was to limit their time inside the house to sleeping, figuring they could not do much damage while unconscious.  I was terrified of damaging any objects and/or the graciousness of our absent hosts!  Anyhow, there is the entryway and some of the first floor.  The tiled floors were so pretty, as was the light coming in through the large front windows.  We tried to erase any traces of our having been there, save for a thank you note, and we headed back into Chicago.

IMG_2428 IMG_2427 IMG_2431 IMG_2432

We went to the Lincoln Park Zoo and the adjacent park.  The park was colorful with  sunshine, people, dogs, and a farmer’s market.  I expected little from the Lincoln Park Zoo since the admission was free, but was blown away by the landscaping, the cleanliness, and all of the animals.  We did a quick tour since we planned to meet Uncle Mike for breakfast.  There was a farmer’s market in the park that day as well.  Someone was selling parasols which were too pretty not to photograph.

IMG_2438 IMG_2441


Cheesiness alert:  I got the big girls to pose by the ‘Siblings” statue and hold hands by the title plaque!  I will have to remind them of the sibling love next time they are fighting.

Next we went to The Field Museum.  We have a sweet reciprocal membership that we used here.  We could have spent much longer here but our time was limited.  We decided to check out the Egyptian exhibit, which was very good.

IMG_2447 IMG_2444


Check out the diorama with Truly’s hand for perspective! There were about six of these depicting the complicated yet remarkably popular process of mummification.  According to the exhibit, it started with the ruling class and spread to the masses, so there were many jobs and workshops in the industry.  Also – the mold-o-rama! This was a – I would guess – 1960’s era novelty machine that allowed us to choose a plastic dinosaur toy and watch it be made in front of our fascinated eyes.

IMG_2449 IMG_2460

Sadly, it was time to head out of Chi-town.  We had more visits to make and limited time. So, across the bridge we went but I was already making plans for the next visit.  I really would like to walk around downtown, see Wrigley Field, and check out the Museum of Science and Industry.  We put in another Harry Potter tape and went on our way.


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