Links of interest to future world travelers- especially me!

I have been really enjoying two blogs about RTW trips. Both are wonderful in terms of nuts-and-bolts information like gear, budgeting, and finding housing and affordable things to do while traveling.  Both publish actual expenses, which is riveting for yours truly as we get closer to lift-off around here.

Travel Junkies is a blog about a family of three who sold their house, quit their jobs, and took off RTW about two years ago.  They are currently back in the US and planning to settle after a road trip.  Great blog!

Globe Gazers is about a young couple traveling for a year, roughly in the opposite direction from our plan.  Excellent details, thank you GG!


This post on squat toilets was intriguing to me since the author lives in Shanghai.  This one, directed at women, was also very informative.

I have referred to him before, but I would be wrong not to list here The Man in Seat 61. If you are planning other than airplane travel anywhere in the world, check out this site. Detailed descriptions of train, ferry, and bus routes to and from everywhere.

Of course there are the old standbys Bootsnall, Lonely Planet, NomadicMatt, and Couchsurfing. The first two have useful discussion boards, and the last is a great way to connect with free housing, although I plan to use it more for suggestions and play dates since I doubt most couch surfers could host a family of six!

That’s all for now, I hope to add onto this page as I find more helpful sites and blogs.


Vietnam w/kids, and other places too looks like:

Another family in Vietnam:

and nomadicfamily there:

 malaria info:

 Some posts on Vietnam, Laos: the traveling geek


1 thought on “Links of interest to future world travelers- especially me!

  1. Thanks for including us in this great list of travel blogs to refer to. So exciting that you are getting excited by reading blogs and planning. Really happy for you, dear. We loooooved Vietnam dearly. Gabi (The Nomadic Family)

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