The Cabin, May, 2015

There were friends, both animal and human, beautiful skies, and a battle with a nasty invasive woody shrub. We celebrated my birthday under blue skies and in the cold pond and with hikes and a campfire – bliss!  At one point, I was invited on a luxury cruise on the raft, I enjoyed damp oak leaves spa-style on my relaxing eyes as I drifted on the raft on a lounge chair, occasionally offered pears and fresh-cracked walnuts by my hostesses, all under 12.  These kids know how to pamper!  We saw tadpoles by the dozens, and also a catfish, salamanders, a snake, and many water creatures and flowering plants enjoying the mid-spring warmth after a long winter.


The furry friends came to run in the big field, they also swam in the pond.  Meet Birch (left) and little sister Rosa:

IMG_4219 IMG_4220

And there is the outhouse, of which I am unduly proud!


And the gorgeous picture window in the cabin, it was all emerald green and blue skies in the frame this visit:


Oh, and the tenants have a fuzzy kitten who became a bit of a celebrity for the 7 kids who came along this trip:


We did some Spring cleaning, mowing, etc. and we got on a kick to get rid of some of the Russian Olive bushes that are always encroaching on the land.  Here’s a Deet Sheet on this almost criminal plant, native to Eurasia and introduced over 100 years ago to the US. Deer won’t eat it, it has some beastly thorns, and it is all over the place near the cabin.  Don’t let the pretty flowers fool you, this is a noxious weed per the USDA and it pushes out indigenous plants we would like to see more of.

IMG_4222 IMG_4216

We burned a lot of it, and the kids practiced making their own small fires.

IMG_4230 IMG_4231

And they ran around and made forts and got marshmallow on their faces and climbed trees, and all that stuff I love to see them doing.

IMG_4221 IMG_4224 IMG_4232 IMG_4229

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