Angkor Wat, New Years 2015, part 4

  Ta Som was next. Jayavarman VII built this one, too, again in the 12th century. He dedicated this temple to his father, Dharanindravarman II (I love these names)who had ruled for 10 years. Jayavarman VII himself ruled for over 30 years and is considered to have been the most powerful Khmer monarch ever to have ruled. He sounds like a good guy- a Buddhist, which was unusual for his time and position, and a great supporter of public works. It is said he ordered the construction of reservoirs, rest houses for travelers, and 102 hospitals for the growing population at the time. Anyway, this was a nice ruin to explore. It had a Bayon- style entrance:

And some beautiful details. Look at the dancers’ adornments!


It had an otherworldly doorway at the east entrance. 


A short ride away was East Mebon. This 10th century temple was originally situated in an artificial lake and accessible only by boat.  It was built by King Rajendravarman, who dedicated it to his parents.


It had some incredible sculptures!


Pre Rup was our last of the Angkor ruins. Another 10th century King Rajandavarman production, dedicated to shiva and on a site that is said to have been an ashram. I actually didn’t take pictures here, but it is a lovely five-tower temple, popular for viewing with its reddish brick that glows in sunset. Not my picture: 

 We were starting to get temple fatigue so we called it a day!


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