Bangkachao, Pra Padaeng District, Thailand, January 2016

  The lung of Bangkok? Yes please! We spent a day in Bangkachao, as seen by NASA about a year ago here. I had heard of it, but only through kinda pricey bike tour companies that charge for bike rental and a guide. We did it on our own and I wanted to write this stuff down so it’s easier for others to check out this delightful green space just across the river from bustling Bangkok.  

  The hardest part was getting to the Bangkok pier. The taxi driver wanted to drive us all the way to the area, which is unnecessary and less fun. The bike rental place wrote this for me to show the taxi driver “next time”. 

 Also, here is a map with pier shown: 

 There are bike rental places on both sides of the river. There are also other piers to reach Bangkachao, but I believe this was closest for us. We took a taxi from the Phra Kanong BTS station to the Khlong Toey Pier. From there, we took these long tail boats across the Chao Phraya River.  



 Once there, we rented these adorable, sturdy bikes from a small rental place that had only been open 3 months and was eager for our business.  They even loaned us baseball caps since we had forgotten ours. Oh, no helmets were available BTW.

 Bikes were just 90 baht ($2.51) per day. The Bangkok bike tour places charge 700-900 baht per person for a guided 3-hour tour, so this worked better for us.


We headed off onto small roads with almost no car traffic. 

There are wats to see, and something called a fighting fish gallery but we mostly just biked along, enjoying the quiet, green surroundings. We stopped at this lovely park, Sri Nakhon Khueankhon Park:


The paths here were even nicer than the ones outside the park. There were bridges and wooden walkways, and this amazing  Nipa Palm everywhere. Apparently it has many uses for food, roof material, and fencing.


We also checked out the birds from this viewing platform.  

The bird songs were a wonderful background to our day. 

Following a random path, the kids found this little barge to cross a small river: wow!!

 We had an excellent lunch out of someone’s garage, or so it seemed.    It was a mom-and-pop place which seemed delighted to see us. Thais in general love kids, and our friend K, 11, is half Thai and fluent in the language, so with all 5 kids we got a lot of love!

   There were a few homey little places like this for lunch. It was a weekday, so some things- such as the floating market- were not open. It was a quiet, sleepy little area with people waving to us now and then as we biked along.

 We biked to the other end of the area and found another pier, this one with a larger ferry and larger bike rental shop. 


Not too far from there was the eco-hotel we kept hearing about, the Treehouse. It really is a neat design. 

 After that, we went back to the pier. We went down a few of the elevated cement pathways we had been seeing. 


Some are a little scary since they are a few feet off the ground but have a rail only one one side, or no rail at all.


When we returned the bikes, the rental shop owner gave us all these cute handmade key chains.  

 On the way back, the taxi driver took us to the Phrom Phong BTS station, which he thought was closest. There was a lot of traffic at this time of day, around 5pm. It was a shorter ride than in the morning, since it was easier to describe where we were going. We were a little tired, and we headed home. What a great day!! 


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