More on toilets!

  I can’t resist- there is so much weirdness and we encounter it every day!

Most toilets we see, like the one in our apartment, are Western-type with a hand-held nozzle in place of toilet paper. In public places, like a bus station, there are some squatties as well.  

 Oooh- a squattie with a flush!

Of course, squatties are the norm for a lot of people around here, which is why an explanation of western toilets is necessary (see first photo above). If you squat on a western toilet, things may not end well for either of you. Don’t be like this poor hippo! 

 At the other extreme, at a particularly fancy mall we frequent called Terminal 21, there are the Japan-style automated toilets which have more options than one would think possible for this most basic of human acts. 

I embraced the Japanese-type toilet experience until an unfortunate interaction with one over enthusiastic bidet, which I rather felt should have taken me to dinner and had my consent beforehand-ahem-it was then I decided it was time to go back to good old toilet paper.  

 Toilet paper, of course, is not always available, or (see above) free. We try to bring it with us. 

Now check this out:

 In other toilet news, we have had the honor of using the Best Public Toilet of the Year (2012)! You can’t say we didn’t take advantage of the best Bangkok has to offer. The Terminal 21 mall is where we saw this commemorative plaque and it really does have amazing restrooms! There is at least one on each floor of the multistory, travel-themed mall and each has a theme such as a rainforest, Americana, glamor:

 Or public transportation: 
 Or fishing: 

 The view out the giant window from the fishing bathroom:  
These are really over the top. There are bathroom attendants, too, who I swear clean each toilet after each use. BTW, there is an amazing, budget food court at this mall as well, so between that and the bathrooms, it’s like a second home. We eat and pee there frequently and with enthusiasm.

*addendum: I am proud to say that during our last few days in Bangkok, we found the time to visit every bathroom at terminal 21. I highly recommend this unusual, self-guided, free activity! Several, including the Istanbul, Caribbean, and Japanese pop art ones, I had not seen. We all agreed that the Roman one-complete with statues, marble columns, and a massive circular hand washing sink- was most impressive!


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