Bago, Myanmar, February 2016, Part 1

  The kids and DH were happy to stay in Yangon while I took a solo day trip to Bago. I could not persuade anyone to take the two- hour train ride and see temples in one of the former capitals of southern Myanmar, so off I went!  The ride went quickly and I loved looking out the window. 

When the train arrived, I began looking to rent a bike, since I had read that it was a bikable town. Fortunately, a motorbike guide talked me out of it. The temples are quite spread out and the streets are crowded with cars and motorbikes. 

selfie on motorbike

 I went with the guide. Our first stop was Shwemawdaw Paya, one of the tallest in the country.


Next, I wanted to see the temple with the 127-year-old Burmese Python I had read about. There he was in all his glory, surrounded by lavish pillows, many admirers and a monk. 


The next temple (can’t find name) was extraordinary for the ceremony that was taking place while I was there.  Accompanied by singing and live music, people were offering plates of fruit to a dancer, who seemed to consider before accepting. Someone explained to me that the offerings are for good luck. I was fascinated.

The temple was lovely, too. 

Bago had been the capital city four times in Myanmar history and houses a royal residence called Kanbawzathadi Palace. We went there next. 


There was a museum on the grounds. Original teak columns are displayed next to the restoration columns.